Our Mission

To enrich the lives of children under state guardianship in Ramsey County by providing for their unique needs.

For a Need Like No Other

We partner with Ramsey County to focus on children under state guardianship because of the extreme level of challenge in their lives. Being under state guardianship means that all parental rights of their birth parents have been terminated. Many were abused emotionally, physically or sexually. Some have learning or physical disabilities. All are incredibly vulnerable. But we believe that every one of them has the potential to survive and thrive, with the right sort of help.

Foster care funds cover the basic needs of food, clothing and shelter. The Cammack-Marshall Fund exists to support foster parents in providing the extra services and opportunities that help a child recover from an abusive past, learn skills to overcome a developmental challenge, or nurture an interest or talent to boost self-esteem and confidence.

Since our founding in 1964, the Fund has enriched the lives of over 3500 children. One medical intervention, one counseling session, one tutoring plan, one musical instrument, one set of soccer cleats: one by one, the ways our fund helps add up to a different future for children.

Our Board

We are led by a visionary volunteer board of directors, including seasoned experts in child advocacy.

On the Shoulders of Giants

Gertrude Cammack and Agnes Marshall were both dedicated to improving the lives of children who are under state guardianship. It is due to their hard work, generosity and vision that the Cammack-Marshall Fund exists.

Gertrude Cammack
worked for Ramsey County Welfare Services for more than 40 years and served as Executive Director for many years. Her dedication was focused on advocacy for children under state guardianship; upon her retirement in 1964, Gertrude’s friends, family and coworkers established the Gertrude E. Cammack Fund for Children in her honor. This established our endowment, and set the course for the Fund’s ongoing mission today.

Agnes Marshall
was raised in Georgia by her grandmother, a former slave. Upon her grandmother’s death, Agnes was placed under state guardianship. She eventually moved to St. Paul and worked as a custodian at the Gillette Company for 25 years. It was not until after Agnes’s death in 1989 that it was revealed that she had been setting aside a portion of her earnings to create a generous endowment to help children in Ramsey County with under state guardianship with special needs.

In 1992, Agnes’s gift was merged with the Gertrude E. Cammack Fund to maximize the impact of their shared vision, and was the official establishment of the Cammack-Marshall Fund.

About this Site

The photos on this web site are not of actual foster children. The images are only used represent the children that we do serve. If you have questions or concerns regarding this website, please contact the web designer or go to Contact Us and submit your message.

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