The greatest needs – The most vulnerable children

Kids who are under state guardianship have experienced more than disrupted childhoods. Some have endured the loss of family. Some have survived abuse, and face day-to-day challenges including developmental and emotional disabilities. Some have suffered crises we can’t even imagine or understand. Many have joined families who have opened their homes to give these children a future to look forward to.

The Cammack-Marshall Fund also joins families, in finding ways to help each child get what she or he needs, especially when the needs exceed what the foster care system can provide.

So a child who has a sleeping disorder gets the specially designed therapeutic bed that doctors know will make all the difference.

Or a student who studies hard at school but just needs a little extra help to reach her full potential gets essential tutoring support.

Or a kid who loves soccer gets the sports equipment needed to participate and discover strength, commitment and teamwork.

Or a hardworking young man ready for the challenges of self-sustaining employment gets deposit funds to live in the perfect location.

Or cleft palate surgery. Or driver’s ed classes. Dental care to address severe medical and self-esteem issues. A week at summer camp.

Awarded in partnership with Ramsey County foster care, Cammack-Marshall gifts do more than enrich lives. They facilitate turning points in a child’s life, and mark the rites of passage that are a part of a fulfilling life.

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