The Difference for Each Child Starts with You

The number of children who are under state guardianship is growing. At the same time, funding to support these kids is greatly affected by budget cuts. Every year, more social workers and foster families are turning to the Cammack-Marshall Fund for help.

At this time, there are more than 600 children under state guardianship in Ramsey County, and we have only been able to support a fraction of the requests made of us. Our goal is to offer each child the individualized opportunities that Gertrude Cammack and Agnes Marshall envisioned. Your help is essential to make this possible.

Please Donate

99¢ of every dollar you give will be spent on enrichment, educational, therapeutic and transitional support that state funding does not provide. Gifts are distributed to foster families through the Guardianship Unit of Ramsey County Social Services. Your donation will help, immediately and effectively, making a difference by adjusting the course of a child’s life. Please give generously.

Donate Online

Donate online – it’s quick, easy and tax deductible.

Donate by Check

Donations can be mailed to:
Cammack Marshall Fund for Children
PO Box 14325
St. Paul, MN 55114

A letter documenting your tax-deductible contribution will be sent to you promptly.

Help Spread the Word

Know other people who care about kids? Help us raise awareness about the special needs of kids in foster care by sharing the story of our children—and the opportunities that Ramsey County and the Cammack-Marshall Fund offer to help every kid start down a better path.

Requests for Support

If you are a foster parent in Ramsey County who would like to apply for funds for a special need for one of your foster children, you may be eligible for funds. Contact the social worker in charge of your foster child’s case to make a request.

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